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TISCO wins Excellence award on high quality delivery by Jingjin Electric Technology Company澳门太阳集团zz.2007

By Shen Wenli, He Changshuai      UpDate 2018-06-07

At the supplier conference held by Jingjin Electric Technology Co., ltd., TISCO won the Excellence Award on high quality delivery for its outstanding performance in the delivery process of high-grade cold rolled silicon steel by implementing the customer first service concept and carrying out personalized and refined management.
High grade cold rolled silicon steel is mainly used for manufacturing large and medium-sized motors and generators. Due to the complex manufacturing process and strict composition control, this product is considered as an important symbol to measure the manufacturing level of a country's special steel.
With the rapid development of domestic new energy vehicles, the demand for high-grade cold rolled silicon steel is increasing rapidly. TISCO has firmly grasped the market demand and vigorously developed silicon steel products for new energy vehicles. As the core component of new energy vehicles, motors have very high requirements on the performance and shape of manufacturing materials. Previously, all the materials needed for manufacturing such motors were imported. The successfully developed of high-grade cold rolled silicon steel by TISCO has realized the localization of core components of new energy vehicles and the product quality has reached the international advanced level.从Starting from April 2017, TISCO high-grade cold rolled silicon steel has been supplied to Jingjin Electric Technology Co., Ltd. in batches. At present, the products have covered all-series drive motor products for commercial vehicles and special vehicles in Jingjin Electric Technology Co., and have formed several cooperative varieties such as cold rolled silicon steel and non-magnetic steel. This is another new achievement of TISCO in the field of new energy vehicles after BYD, which will gather more brand effects for the high-grade cold rolled silicon steel products of TISCO.太阳网城上娱乐官网
Jingjin Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the domestic new energy automobile motor system and is one of the independent drive motor suppliers with the leading output and sales volume in the world with the output and sales volume of the drive motor system are both ranked first in the Chinese industry.