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TISCO high quality pure iron “lights up” Cote D’Ivoire villages

By SHI Ying and FENG Jianbing      UpDate 2018-06-14

Cheerful drums and joyful dances and songs by villagers in Cote D’Ivoire express the joy brought to them by the light from the electric lamp……
The rural power grid renovation phase I of China Power Cote D’Ivoire power grid development and renovation project passed the acceptance inspection and officially put into use recently, the villages here bid farewell to the history of no power supply. The grounding conductors of the high-voltage power grid of the project are all made of high-quality pure iron from TISCO. TISCO products have once again strongly supported the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative while helping villages in Cote D’Ivoire to bring light.
Cote D’Ivoire is located in west Africa and is a country based on agriculture. In 2015, China Machinery and Equipment Engineering Co., LTD. signed a contract for the development and renovation of Cote D’Ivoire power grid whose total contract value is 828 million US dollars. It is the largest electric power project in scale and amount of money by Chinese enterprises in Cote D’Ivoire so far, is the largest power renovation project in west Africa in recent years and is also one of the key projects of China's "the belt and road initiative" construction in Africa. The project is implemented jointly by China Machinery Industry Group and China Electric Power Engineering Co., LTD., upon completion, it will play a positive role in improving the power coverage rate of Cote D’Ivoire, improving the quality and safety of power supply, promoting development in relevant industries and of society and economy in the regions and achieving the goal of poverty reduction.
Copper and aluminum are commonly used as conductive materials for power projects. In view of the local actual situation, the owner hopes to use a new material with both performance and cost advantages. Compared with traditional materials such as copper and aluminum, pure iron not only has considerable electrical conductivity, but also has obvious cost advantages. TISCO is the first enterprise in China to develop and produce pure iron with rich experience in material research and its market share of products has always remained the first in China. In November 2017, TISCO Marketing Center took the initiative to contact the project owner after learning about the project requirements and suggested using high-quality pure iron materials upon sufficient technical verification. Based on the customer's demand, the product was optimized by TISCO experts once again, and during the production process, TISCO has paid high attention to the relevant production processes from the raw materials entering the factory to the final product leaving factory. In only one month, the first batch of products is delivered for use, which has been highly recognized by the owner and the constructor.
The person in charge from TISCO Marketing Center said that TISCO pure iron products have always been designated materials for domestic military industry, key projects and high technology. The successful application in Cote D’Ivoire has opened up a new market window for related products. We will continue to track the progress of the project and make greater contributions to make TISCO brand more and more influential.