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Tisco passes ITER plan quality assurance system audit by Ministry of Science and Technology

By ZHANG Baolin      UpDate 2018-06-12

In order to ensure the implementation progress of plate contract and review the actual implementation effect of the quality management system on ITER plan, recently, a second-party quality assurance audit team of five people headed by Director HE Kaihui of ITER center project management office of the Ministry of Cience and Technology went to Taiyuan iron and Steel Co., LTD. for on-site audit.
The audit team has successively reviewed the Military Nuclear Power Department, Manufacturing Department, Technology Center, Purchasing Department, Human Resources Department, Section Plant, Stainless Steel Cold Rolling Plant, TISCO Linfen branch and other related units of TISCO. The review focuses on the following two issues: whether the nuclear power quality assurance system operates effectively based on ISO 9000 system in ITER product production process and whether the quality assurance system can provide reliable guarantee for ITER products. During the review, the experts speak highly of the production scheduling system of Manufacturing Department, the physical and chemical inspection of Technology Center, the supplier management of Purchasing Department and the earnest attitude of TISCO Linfen branch. At the last meeting, the auditing experts gave full recognition to TISCO's strong research and development strength, perfect quality assurance system and excellent corporate culture, and they believe that TISCO is very reliable as a supplier of ITER plan. At the same time, experts also put forward rectification opinions on the problems found during the audit.
This is the first time in ten years that China has participated in ITER program that the Ministry of science and technology has directly and systematically carried out a strict and systematic review of TISCO's quality assurance system. The smooth passing of the audit proves that TISCO has the quality assurance capability to provide qualified products for ITER program, which is of great significance.
ITER program: International Thermonuclear Fusion Experimental Reactor (ITER) program is the largest international scientific project that China has ever participated in. ITER plan involves seven parties including China, Japan, South Korea, India, the United States, Russia and the European Unions, it is divided into hundreds of procurement packages in the world, which are manufactured by each party separately and finally transported to ITER construction site in France for final assembly. Participating in ITER program is an important decision made by our government based on sustainable energy development in the future.
太阳集团太阳娱乐登录in February 2007, the State Council approved the establishment of "ITER program project"; In October 2008, the State Ministry of Science and Technology specially established the "China international nuclear fusion energy program implementation center", the China ITER center, which is responsible for all the work of the China ITER program.
太阳集团太阳娱乐登录 as early as 2007, TISCO began to set foot in ITER plan. In the past ten years, it has developed special new products such as stainless steel pipe, stainless steel plate, stainless steel forgings, stainless steel extrusion sections and "stainless steel and copper" explosive clad plate. It has successively passed the international certification of plates, clad plates and extrusion products for magnet support, calibration field coils and magnet feeder lines, and has entered the batch supply phase one after another, becoming the main supplier of domestic ITER stainless steel materials.太阳集团太阳娱乐登录