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TISCO saves energy and cuts consumption by aids of technology and management

By LU Wenxiao and DUAN Xinhu      UpDate 2018-06-13

TISCO has made a stably progress in improving energy indexes for the first 5 month of this year as the company aimed at building a resource-saving enterprise and continuously innovated in energy management since the beginning of 2018.
In recent years, TISCO has adjusted energy structure, optimized energy consumption and strengthened energy control to realize the core purpose of lower energy cost. The company designed and carries out independently the upgrading project of replacing natural gas with coke-oven-gas for annealing furnaces of No.2 HAPL and three CAPLs. The project saves demand for 11 million m3 natural gas per year, which is equal to RMB 20 million Yuan expense. Through innovative energy-economy accountability evaluation, four business areas, namely production capacity division, energy user division, energy transformation division and energy meter division, bear different responsibilities. Prices of gas and waste energy are also adapted to the energy supply and demand balance. By means of economic leverage, the enthusiasm of the three parties involved in production, supply and use has been fully mobilized. Efficient and standardized use of energy has been realized through rational allocation and supply of energy, maximum recovery of energy, economic and appropriate use of energy.
TISCO has promoted energy conservation through increasing the application of new energy-saving technologies. Since last year, the company has carried out a number of energy-saving and water-saving projects, which present obvious economic effect and environmental effect. The revamping project of No. 1 Steel-making plant particularly, cut production cost by RMB 33 million Yuan in the year it was carried out. At present, the key energy-saving project, i.e. 300MW power generator upgrading project, is under construction and another coke oven waste heat recovering project is stably pushed forward. Besides, the company is intending to launch a energy data collection project, which will lift the automatic data collection rate from 58% to 75%.
According to statistics, the comprehensive energy consumption indicator for producing one ton steel for the first 5 month of 2018 is lowered by 7 kg coal year-on-year, energy cost down by RMB 30.8 million Yuan year-on-year.